Experience Royal Jodhpur

{Get Around} Tuk Tuk!

Notice how the color-coded consort accomodates the tall, turbaned chauffeurs of Rajasthan. The slanted roof has been deliberately designed to give generous head space to head gears!

{Explore} City Blues

The blue of the city conceals a whole lotta color.
Walk through the maze of blue to see the azureness getting contrasted by magenta and orange ladies, red turbaned men, green doors and windows, hand-painted graffiti, decorated cows, multi-colored shops selling tied and dyed stoles. Explore the blue city to find every possible color hiding in it!

{Visit} Here Comes the Sun...

Perched upon the mountain of birds(cheeriatunk) sat an old hermit called Cheeria Nathji, the Lord of the birds and the sole proprietor of the hill. The Lord and his birds reluctantly gave up their nest for Mehrangarh to spread its wings over the blue of the city.

Mehrangarh scares and surprises, calms and excites, incites and inspires everyone who comes to visit this great ancestor of Jodhpur and talks to those who take the AUDIO TOUR! Its seven entry gates tell tales of victory and sacrifice, its palaces speak of passion and pleasure, its courtyards narrate stories about women and war and its museum houses anecdotes from its heritage.

{Shop} Time for the Clock Tower

Shop for spices, jewellery, fabric, artifcats at Sadar Market or simply ramble around to catch a high-on-action interaction between the vendors and the shoppers!

{Shop} Solemates

These solemates can be embroidered, beaded or plain and can be found in abundance at Mochi Bazaar in the walled city or Jutti Corner on Station Road.

{Eat & Drink} Utterly Butterly Delicious

Tastes awesome with dollops of butter. Highly recommended after a plate of spicy and scrumptious mirchi pakoda- a local speciality!

For a thali full of Rajasthani cuisine , head to Gypsy Restaurant, first floor, Sardarpura.

{Visit} A House Like Them

Created by the dashing Maharaja Umaid Singh in the mid-20th century, reflecting his pioneering aviation pursuits, the fabled shikari of the times, and the love of the Jodhpur royal family for their horses and polo.
Umaid Bhawan palace, a royal home of 347 rooms, effortlessly blending ancient Indian architectural elements with the glamour of art deco and fabulous luxury, keeping marvellous memories alive.

Look out for paintings from the Ramayana painted by a Polish artist.
The palace's gardens which add a feminine touch to the masculine monument.
A timeless collection clocks at the Museum.

{Visit} A Room for the Broom

Know more about 'objects of duty' that keep the filth away by visiting the broom museum at Arna Jharna, The Desert Museum of Rajasthan in the Village of Moklawas where 350 types of brooms are on display.

{Experience} The Rhythm of Routine

Listen to tales of love, separation, chivalry and revelry at the Maand Festival held during the full moon of Sharad Purnima In winter.

The brightest full moon of the year heralds the Jodhpur Riff festival that boasts of unusual jugalbandis between international and local artists, sarangi and saxophones, dholak and drums, harmonica and morchang.

{Experience} Made in Jodhpur

Follow in Lord Mountbatten's hoof tracks

. It's not something many of us get to see on a regular basis. But as Jodhpur is home to a popular polo ground and gave its name to those infamous riding trousers, what better way to end your trip then with some horseplay?
The season has a narrow time-frame, taking place in December only. Your home-stay host will be able to advise on attending a match. But if you know how to ride a horse, it's even possible to take a short course and play the game yourself at most other times of the year.

{Visit} Chalo Chokelao

Romance on a full moon night on the terrace of Chokelao Mahal, at the Mehrangarh Fort.
The terrace restaurant guarantees tingling taste buds and twinkling stars.
A visit here will give you an idea of heaven looks and feels like!

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