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Great products! I will be ordering again very, very soon. smile emoticon
Tamara Altmann, Egypt

Dragon Leather Travel Case

CS-TrvlCsEL-104 TAN
US$ 22
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Dragon, the mystical creature, a hero to some, a monster to others, remains a fascinating feature in legends and lore. Traced back to 4000 B.C., the writings on walls and ancient literature unravel myths of their abilities to fly and breathe fire, while inhabiting the unexplored corners of the earth. Bringing good luck on one hand, and imprisoning princesses on another, this imperial beast is here to slay!


Material : 100% Leathers


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I wanted to add some fun to my son's first birthday party, so I gifted my whole clan tees and dresses from play clan! What's more playful?! They are absolutely the best party-favors, ever! Also, everybody could relate to the graphics in some way, like "kashi" for someone who comes from Banaras, "Sangeetkar" for someone into music, "Siva" for someone by the name..etc.. Thankful for such fun clothing..for Capturing India in Art!! Love!
Vani Krishna, India