Play Clan, Jaquar

May 06, 2016

The artwork depicts the five cosmic elements, also known as the ‘mahabhutas’, that together generate the Universe, from the highest and subliminal realms to the lowest, densest realms. For thousands of years, these principles have profoundly influenced Indian civilisation and its quintessential state of mind, whether through philosophy, cosmology or ayurveda. The elements lie beyond physical perception; rather they are metaphysical principles behind all states and phenomena. One prominent element among these is Water, connecting us to the Jaquar story. 

The five cosmic elements are:

AKASHA (ether)

VAYU (air)

AGNI (fire)

JAL (waters)

BHUMI (earth)

Each element is depicted as a personification, to emphasise its metaphysical and archetypal aspect; as a real, living and conscious cosmic principle. The accompanying symbols are authentic to their myths and philosophy, and enhance the impact of the element. The element is further encased within a geometric form, inspired by ancient symbolism that is universally recognised, allowing the theme to emerge instantaneously and the mind to absorb its significance effortlessly.

The visual exploration employs a contemporary design voice, while maintaining the sanctity of the original context. The iconic characters and symbols embody a distinct India-Modern aesthetic. Graphic and striking, this approach allows their significance to transcend time, and presents a style that has rarely been seen before.