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Tamara Altmann, Egypt

Skull Emb Tote Bag

CBAG-73-Red With Black
US$ 81
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Skulls, symbolizing both ends of the spectrum – life and death, trigger intrigue and fascination the world over. This collection of bones is a series of contradictions, of new beginnings and the celebration of life, and the fatal end and nonconformity, concurrently. You could believe the Aztecs, Buddhists or the rebels, but ultimately the skull stands as a reminder - forget appearances and power, in the end, we are all the same!


Material : Leather


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Thank you for my amazing dresses I recently received!!! I get comments all the time about how beautiful the designs are (I have three of your designs now). I actually bought my first play clan dress a couple of years ago in Mumbai when I was working for Brett Lee's music therapy foundation (MEWSIC) at St Jude's Memorial Hospital where I worked with children with cancer and their families. I came across your amazing shop when wandering one day and the dress still looks like new after years of wear. They are of such high quality and fit so well. 

I thought I'd take a snap of the Sangeetar dress as I'm a music therapist so this dress is just perfect and the kids love all the cool designs on it too :) 

Thanks for your beautiful, unique and amazing creations!

Keep playing and making :) one of your biggest fans,

Vanessa Ropa, Australia