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I wanted to add some fun to my son's first birthday party, so I gifted my whole clan tees and dresses from play clan! What's more playful?! They are absolutely the best party-favors, ever! Also, everybody could relate to the graphics in some way, like "kashi" for someone who comes from Banaras, "Sangeetkar" for someone into music, "Siva" for someone by the name..etc.. Thankful for such fun clothing..for Capturing India in Art!! Love!
Vani Krishna, India

Odissi Leather Circle Case

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She has been dancing this dance since time immemorial, moving from the royal courts to the hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. The dance of antiquity- etched in the sculptures of Bhubaneshwar, inked in NatyaShastra.
She moves like the waves of the ocean on the shores of Puri; her gestures graceful, her footwork firm. Her stance symbolises Lord Jaggannath. Her crown represents the Lotus flower. She become as vigorous as Shiva when she dances the Tandava and as graceful as Parvati when she does Lasya. She is an Odissi dancer, a dance famous for Tribhangi- the three bend posture; from Eastern India


Material : Leathers


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Just got my 2 dresses in the mail - they are wonderful and worth the wait! thanks much play clan!
Jaishri Abhichandani