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I wanted to add some fun to my son's first birthday party, so I gifted my whole clan tees and dresses from play clan! What's more playful?! They are absolutely the best party-favors, ever! Also, everybody could relate to the graphics in some way, like "kashi" for someone who comes from Banaras, "Sangeetkar" for someone into music, "Siva" for someone by the name..etc.. Thankful for such fun clothing..for Capturing India in Art!! Love!
Vani Krishna, India

Nihang Leather Bahikhata

BAHILE-15-Tan Vintage
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The fearless and the ferocious guerillas and guardians of the Sikh don electric blue and stick together like glue to guard their community and their religion. The crocodiles of Punjab tear apart their enemies with their daggers called ‘kirpan’. Tabooed from marital arts, they immerse themselves in martial arts called ‘gatka’ and extreme sports like swordsmanship and horsemanship.


Dimensions: 4"w x 6" h x 1"d
No. of Pages : 320
Description : Premium Paper, both side blank Bahi-khata.


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We live in Seattle and my mom recently purchased a mens shirt from your store in Delhi.. and its AWESOME!!! Love your design direction and illustration...

---- Neiha Arora via facebook
Neiha Arora via facebook